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Maunawai History


The MAUNAWAI water filtration system is based on state-of-the-art PI technology. But what is PI technology?

PI stands for vital energy

The symbol PI already existed more than 5000 years ago in the Sumerian civilization. Historically, the Sumerians are the oldest known population. In the middle of the 4th century a. C. immigrated from the east/southeast and settled in southern Mesopotamia. In the cuneiform script they used, PI meant vital energy.

The example of nature

PI water was discovered during phytosanitary research carried out in the 1950s. The Japanese scientist, Prof. Shoi YAMASHITA, of the University of Nagoya, intensified research on plants and discovered in 1964 that the physical characteristics and biological vital water they contain are clearly distinct from those of drinking water or spring water and that the former is very similar to the water contained in the cells of the human body. In 1985, YAMASHITA called this vital water PI water.


The main objective of PI research is to turn running water into vital PI water. Observation of nature led us to develop the system that is used today. The MAUNAWAI water filtration system stimulates, like what happens in nature, the natural process of water purification.

The MAUNAWAI system is based on the latest findings from PI research, making them available to all families as established, clean technology.

One of a kind

The filtration system used is produced exclusively for MAUNAWAI and is used only in MAUNAWAI water filtration systems.


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