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Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lanka 

Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lanka
Dr. Stefan Lanka (virologist and molecular biologist, owner of klein-klein-verlag publishing house)

"Most of our body is made up of water and, for this reason, it is necessary that the water we drink every day is as clean as possible and has the same characteristics as the 'vital' water contained in our cells.

Much more clearly than all the other elements, water has a memory that shows the substances with which it has come into contact and the irradiations that leave traces inside. It is possible to make this memory and these traces visible thanks to images and electromagnetic measurements.

For water, not only factors such as physical and chemical purity are important, but also the bioavailability, or vitality of water, or, in other words, its compatibility with living organisms. I want to introduce you to a unique water filtration system, which synthesizes three principles and works even without electricity.

Mission accomplished

For more than ten years I have been searching for great tasting water that is free of chemicals and radiation, that is good for my body and my kidneys, that strengthens me to the point that my body comes to crave it, and that visibly facilitates purification. .

Eventually I found it and tested it. I have checked the studies related to the device capable of producing this water and I am happy to present to you a filtration and information processing technique, based on the observation of nature, which was developed in Japan: the Maunawai water filtration system. . optimized for everyday use.
The water of my dreams has come true!" 

Mag. Dr. Walter  Hannes Medinger

Mag. Dr. Walter Hannes Medinger

Dr. Walter Hannes Medinger (bioquantitative physicist and scientific director of the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility - IIREC)

“In fact, Maunawai's strong water resonance signal at 22.5 Hz was simply stunning. It was the confirmation of the particular quality of this water, compared to the water contained in the alveoli."

... "Existing interpretation of the stronger resonance signals of Maunawai's water provides insight into its particular characteristics that are biologically relevant.

Without having to refer to the broad-spectrum reading and complementary research that Maunawai water has been subjected to, it can be said that this filtration system is extraordinarily effective in terms of water vitalization from a water point of view. biophysics."


Dr ALEXIS CARREL (Prix Nobel Prize in Medicine for laboratory research 1912) 

"The cell is immortal. Only the liquids in which it is immersed undergo degenerative processes"

“The prerequisite for the cell to be preserved forever is the regular renewal of extracellular fluids. Not all types of water can guarantee “eternal life”. The difference between a biologically active cellular fluid and ordinary water lies in the physical structure and the spatial arrangement of the molecules (geometry). The alteration of this organization causes the appearance of diseases. "Dr. Alexis Carrel

“Tumors grow by destroying the water structure inside the cell, that is, in the intracellular water. Within the water, there is created a pool of "dead water" "Vital", almost crystalline and energized contained in the cell. This situation is a continuous stimulus that causes the cell to divide. The consequence is the beginning of the proliferation of a cancerous ulcer.

Karl S. Trincher (renowned Russian-Austrian physicist, Trincher, K.: Wasser - Grundstruktur des Lebens und Denkens; Herder, Vienna 1990, ISBN-10: 3210250030) 

the Miracle of PI Water

The Miracle of PI Water

Tests performed on PI water indicate high biological activity. The book The Miracle of PI Water contains accounts of scientific and systematic research conducted in Japan. PI water has an extraordinary vitalizing effect on all living organisms. The revitalizing action of MAUNAWAI water also encourages us to drink quickly and therefore in greater quantities.

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