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DO YOU enjoy fresh water every day, almost like from untouched mountain springs?

All PI®PRIME  water filter systems effectively filter pollutants from your water and produce a natural water quality using proven PI technology. Tried and tested in long-term analyzes since 1996. Choose your PI®PRIME table water filter according to your water hardness: soft (up to 15°fH), medium-hard (from 15°fH), hard (from approx. 32° French hardness). The PI®PRIME K8 / K2 water filter systems transform any tap water into soft spring water for your optimal day! The PI®PRIME water system is available with a hand-blown glass container made of lead-free crystal glass - with or without hand-engraved flower of life on the base. The magnetic water dispenser with the ceramic valve swirls the water gently when you donate water from your PI®PRIME source. The filter system is freely adjustable, works without electricity and without a water connection and is easy to use. You never have to lug around bottles again, because the PI®PRIME water system gives you your drinking water in spring water quality, freshly prepared every day. The high-quality MAUNAWAI® filter elements are durable and the water system is therefore both inexpensive and environmentally friendly in long-term use. With the eco-protective cover, you protect your water system from the incidence of light.

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